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Paws Across America Advocacy Rally Pics from different States across the USA Pg 3
2018 Spring Paws
Legislation Rally
Christina Anderson
Oregon State Admin
(In purple below)
Her beloved pebble "Penner"
She made lots of new friends and loves going to the rallies.
Cutest guy there!
Painted Pet rock
great idea
Matt Minahan
Who goes above and beyond
Deb Sanders and Janet Dudley
Miss Penner had a great day
 A very special thank you to: 
Oregon House Reps. David Gomberg and David Brock Smith, for sponsoring HB4045 and
our lobbyist Matt Minahan who does this for a living but volunteers for us.
Also Portland Fred Meyers who loaned us the tables & awning and supports Janet Dudley
in her efforts via her boss at Freddys.