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Paws Across America Advocacy (PAAA) works to educate people on how to "vote smart" for animal welfare friendly candidates and provides tools to help locate your reps voting history. See: www.hslf.org or See: Score Cards on this site. To be effective, we must all make, constant, contact with our elected officials to communicate what animals need! It is, often, as easy as clicking for alerts on places like USA Humane Society, Wild Horse Preservation, Nordic, etc.

PAAA has at least 2 rallies a year. Some state leaders have chosen to do more. Our spring rally is for "Legislation", and done at our  state capitals on the same day across this nation. Our fall rally is for "Animal Awareness" on the same day across this nation, at a location picked by state leaders & their members. Some states may rally more throughout the year, if and when situations may occur.

With that being said, the voting public wants better laws for protection, and stiffer penalties for abusers of animal cruelty, neglect and "shelter reform." The only way to get these demands is to keep in contact with our Assemblyman, Senators and Congress. That is what PAAA does. We work diligently behind the scenes educating people to "vote smart." We also keep in contact with candidates by emails, letters and phone calls.

We not only work for better laws for companion animals, we also cover puppy mills, back yard breeding, factory farming, wildlife and the lands they live on. If a animal is in need, we are there!

Learn how this started. When they Amended the "Animal Welfare Act of 1966" and intentionally left out "farm and animals bred for research and  puppy mills/breeders in general!" Yet there is HOPE, with TWO CRITICAL BILLS (STALLED) IN CONGRESS (in Kentucky ranked worst on animal welfare in the USA.) On average 80% of the SENATE and HOUSE Reps scores are ZERO or 11 out of a possible 100?  They write laws to ensure they have no rights or protections as it saves the "for profit factory farm, puppy mills, pet store, breeder, etc."

Educate BEFORE VOTING BLIND PARTY LINES and see your candidates (prior) voting history before 2018 election on Humane Society Legislative Society Score Card at www.hslf.org or See: score cards on this site.

Cecilia Maida's videos are educational & tutorial for the
novice animal welfare advocate and for those interested in
changing laws & desiring to contact your Congressional
Reps & stay alert on action items to help animals! Her
videos provide an overall "big picture" of what created this
problem & "how can change laws" by uniting with rallies
across the nation, on the EXACT, same day!

LINKS TO Cecilia Maida's Videos & her
YOUTUBE (Animal Welfare Media Lady).

1) Watch to join Paws Across America Advocacy Nationwide Movement

2) tutorial PAA join (June 15th) advocacy protest across

3) Link to Reporting to FBI when Law Enforcement Refuses to Take Animal Cruelty Reports: 

4) (tutorial) PAAA Oct 8 Rally

5) press release (step by step) tutorial for team leaders
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhZ6l6HZY04 press release (step by step)

 6) tutorial overview before 1st june 15th (nationwide) rally in all 50- states!

7) May 3rd nationwide rallis -  Indivisible - pawsresist - progressives - resistance
​ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whTrYcubzrI

8) PAAA action alert!

9) NYC Rally

PAAA is a tutorial and is not responsible for actions of groups that  form a result and/or actions of same. All Cities and States will be responsible for researching applicable laws in their areas as it relates to any activities they may decide to act upon.
Cecilia Maida
About Paws Across America Advocacy and our Mission