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Paws Across America Advocacy Rally Pics from different States across the USA
Cecilia Maida & Jennifer Kanady
June 2015 Rally in
El Dorado County California
Donna Quinn June 2015
Legislative Rally at
State Capital in Albany, NY
In front of the Legislation Building
Diane Signorile June 2015
Legislative Rally in
Staten Island, NYC
Cecilia Maida & Donna Quinn
Oct 2016 Rally
Animal Welfare Awareness Day
Major Reform at NYC ACC
Animal Shelters 
Manhattan, NY NY
Cecilia founder of PAAA flew in from California for this rally. We met up in NYC and had a great weekend. I was very excited to meet my  mentor, my friend.
Speaker: Thom Page Attorney
Defending dogs on death row

Christina Marie Anderson with Senator Manning pictured above
Sept 2017 Rally for
Animal Awareness
in Eugene Oregon
Speaker: Gayle Hunt from
Wild Horses & Burrows Assn
Jackie Star-Perrigoue & Karen Fredrickson Langlois
Sept 2016
Legislation Rally at the 
State Capital Building
Olympia, Wastington
Janet Dudley
Sept 2017 Rally for
Animal Awareness in
Portland Oregon
Janet joined PAAA just  before this rally. She only had a short time to organize
I was told she did an amazing job!
Jackie Star- Perrigoue & Karen Fredrickson Langlois
May 2017 legislation Rally
State Capital Building in
Olympia, Washington